What is SEO in simple words

There are so many myths and confusion related to what exactly is SEO

and why is it so important for any and every website on the internet

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Definition of SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

Let me help you. Seo or search engine optimization is the practice for ranking your website on the top search results. More simply whenever someone searches for something on Google or Bing (another very famous search engine), the search engine looks all over the internet and find thousands of websites or links that are relevant to your search or matches what you wrote in the search box. Now the point is although google shows thousands of results, only the first few links are clicked and the rest of the search results and left untouched!

Here comes the role of SEO. if the website or the particular web link has good SEO setup and is well optimised it has more chances of ranking on top of the search results and receive more visitors.

Understand better with an example 👇

Here when I searched for buy football shoes, Google showed me about 245 Million results.

But as a normal human, I would click on the first few links to place my order. The results that showed on the top was no coincidence but was were given the top place by google because they were well optimised or had good SEO and matched the text you wrote in the search box

This is what SEO is in simple language.

Benefits of SEO
Good Seo has endless benefits, I have listed 6 major ones
  1. Build a brand loyalty

  2. Gain the trust of other search engines and social media as well

  3. Increase sales and business at large scale

  4. You don't need to pay for ads to stay on top

  5. Let huge traffic and visitors on website without spending huge money

  6. Good ROI ( Return on Investment )

Why is SEO important for your website
Simple words - Good SEO means advertising on a billboard in times square and not paying for it

Yes, Seo cant be explained better! imagine someone always finds our website whenever they search something related to your business or your website and coming on your website.

Won't it boom your business from ground to top floor? and the best part, you won't have to pay for advertising. Paid Ads are good for staring but can be a real pain and need constant tracking.

Whereas good SEO means establishing a brand and loyalty.

How does SEO work
Good content is the key for high ranking on search results

Google tries to find the most relevant content for its users, so if you are making good content that is relatable and easy to interact with, google will for sure start ranking it higher eventually.

Not only this I am listing 4 major ways to boost your SEO :

  1. Write/make relatable content

  2. Do good research before posting, take a dig on whats ranking on top

  3. Use keywords in your heading that matches your content

  4. keep updating your content constantly and accordingly to the preference of people

I understand some the things must have bounced up the head

Don't worry I'll be covering SEO more elaborately in the coming weeks

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